Tea London has reseller and dealer agreements with a wide variety of authorised UK distributors including but not limited to network cabling, audio cabling, hi-fi components, televisions, monitors, network equipment, Apple and PC hardware, software, accessories, signal extenders, control systems. The product mix we have at our disposal is too massive to realistically list. This extensive product range gives us greater freedom in selecting and recommending products to suit specific niche requirements and all manner of budgets.

We have provided information on a very small selection of manufacturers and products we install and maintain:

Linn logo Linn are British makers of fine audio systems. Their product range can provide you with every component you would need in a modern end hi-fi system, ranging from their legendary turntables to their studio quality digital audio streamers. Tea London are resellers and installers of Linn DS and Linn Custom Audio products.
¬†Control4 logo ¬†Control4 provides greatly simplified control and automation of your home’s AV, lighting, heating, security systems and more.

For a comprehensive list of Tea London’s product portfolio, please contact us.