Nexans is TNexans Logoea London’s preferred supplier of copper-based structured network cabling systems.

Nexans is a leading European based cabling manufacturer, that manufacture cabling for all manner of cabling requirements. Tea London sell specifically from their copper network cabling range. They manufacture very high bandwidth cabling systems for indoor use, as well as a specialist range of cables that are designed to be used in the harshest of environments; imagine oil rigs, or direct burial cables for interlinking out-buildings.

Tea London has been designing hybrid high-bandwidth and certifying CAT7A networks since 2008. CAT6A is the most popular network category we install.

We chose Nexans because they help define the standards of network cabling systems. From our experience, Nexans cabling system installed before standards were formally defined, would far exceed the minimum standards required.



Their LANmark range of CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 and CAT7A cabling systems far exceed the minimum performance requirements which ensures that there is error free, reliable communications over your structured network cabling system. Nexans do a cheaper range called ‘Essential‘. Nexans Essential cabling systems are a cheaper product range that has performance similar to that of lower cost cabling system ranges typically favoured by network cabling installers, electricians and AV installers. Essential cables meet the minimum CAT5e or CAT6 standards, rather than exceed them.

Nexans have network outlets (RJ45 and GG45 connectors) that are perfectly matched to meet the performance of the applicable category of system.


We recommend the LANmark range because of its expected longer lifespan; this makes it an ideal candidate for data centres and homes.

We have seen a 14 year old Nexans CAT5 network cabling system reliably meeting CAT5e standards, a standard that did not exist when when this cabling system was first installed.