bathroom TV / bathroom automation

Bathroom TV, using AquavisionImagine being able to choose what to listen to from the widest possible range of music, radio and audio programmes; making your time in the bathroom either a more relaxing affair, with soothing music, or by you keeping you up to date with world events during your morning routine of getting ready for work.

Tea London can help design a discrete bathroom audio and video (TV) system that can add function to as well as compliment the bathroom’s architecture and design aesthetic.
We can recommend products from a wide range of watertight bathroom TVs and discrete in-ceiling speakers that are designed to cope with the extreme humidity and temperature change that occurs within a bathroom, shower, sauna or steam room.

Tea London’s bathroom custom audio system will give you crisp, clear and warm sound. We can very simply give you access to quite possibly the widest range of audio services including internet radio, personal music libraries, podcasts, Spotify and more, all very easily controlled.

We deal with all of the UK’s leading distributors of Waterproof TV’s so we can give you more choice when selecting a TV that will deliver both style and substance to your bathroom’s interior design.

With home (bathroom) automation Tea London can give you convenient and easy control over bathroom heating, lighting, fans, blind and window controls – allowing you to control your comfort in an energy efficient manner.

We can help you design a bathroom AV system, ranging from a simple, stand-alone audio system to a fully automated bathroom with a TV and wall touch screen .