Tea London desHome-Network1ign, install and maintain home networks, from the cabling system to the end user device.

Our extensive experience in Corporate Enterprise network allows us to design a secure, fast and reliable home network, but without the costs associated with large enterprise networks.

We design networks to provide you with good wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage, eliminating ‘dead spots’ in your home, ensuring that you always have a reliable WiFi/Wireless network connection from your digital mobile devices.

Further, our networks have the aim of delivering fast, reliable broadband services so that you can enjoy high definition streaming video and audio from your own personal media libraries and also from the growing number of high quality ‘on-demand’ video streaming services available on the Internet today.

Your home network can also provide you with additional services such as control over your audio visual (AV) equipment, CCTV, intruder alarms, lighting and heating systems. It can be also used for communications such as telephone calls, video conferencing/calling and door entry systems. This can not only simplify control over your home’s various electronic systems, but can also bring about costs savings in terms of telephone call costs and reduce your energy bills – all of this is possible with a well designed home network.

Tea London typically design networks from the ground-up, and thus our best designs are usually implemented as part of a new build or major refurbishment project, however we do have a number of retro-fit solutions for homes, eliminating the need to run new or additional cables to support a home network. These retro-fit systems do have some limitations, but are perfect for people who want a stable home network, but want to avoid costly renovation works, for example tenants of a rented property.

Our Home Networks are not operating system specific, and will support Android, Apple and PC based systems simultaneously.

Tea London supply, install and maintain a wide range of IT network products including network switches, network storage (NAS), IPPBX, IP based door entry, IP based CCTV, firewall, wireless networking, IP telephony, routers, gateways and network security products.