Tea London multi room audio systemsMulti-room audio systems allow you to control all of your home audio systems in a convenient manner; using an internet connection you can access one of the widest choices of music and audio services possible today.

You will benefit from Tea London’s experience in designing your multi-room audio system by virtue there is a huge number of multi-room audio systems available, each at a price point and a level of suitability for your requirements. By partnering with us we can help you choose the right mixture of audio systems for your home.

Audio systems suitable for retro-fit, refurbishments and new builds

From a wide range of audio systems come great flexibility. We can design multi-room audio systems that can either be installed into occupied homes in retro-fit manner, or be installed as an integral part of a home refurbishment or new build. With new builds and refurbishments we can offer a number of discrete speaker options, which will hide all wires and place speakers in a manner that will not interfere with your interior decoration scheme.

Flexible multi-room audio systems

Our multi-room audio system designs cater for a wide range of budgets, ranging from well-priced, good performance audio systems such as Sonos or Control4 systems, to reference/audiophile quality systems such as Linn, Naim and Mirage. The flexibility in which some Multi-room systems can be configured allows for existing audio systems, such as your hi-fi or surround systems, computers and mobile devices, to integrate fully with the new multi-room audio system.   Multi-room audio systems allow you to control all of your connected audio systems in a convenient and easy manner.

There is no longer a need to go to a room to control its audio, instead you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer to control your entire home. You can play different audio programmes in each room (or audio zone), or create groups of rooms to play the same audio, giving you great flexibility for social occasions or those days for rest and relaxation.

Digital streaming audio devices will give you convenient access to a huge number of audio services such as your own music libraries, iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Rhapsody, Last.FM and Internet Radio (over 35,000 stations from across the world, catering for all languages, regions and tastes).