Using the PC for AV distribution

By |2011-12-01T15:49:13+00:00December 1st, 2011|Computing, Tech Watch, TV|

Tea Londons Elton gives some thoughts on the future of home automation, and how the humble PC can play an important role in changing your TV viewing habits. From a young age I have always been surprised how ideas and concepts imagined by the fertile minds of Science Fiction authors and scriptwriters became to be realised as significant technical accomplishments later on. I have come to understand that pretty much anything is possible if we have the vision to imagine […]

Use your SmartTV

By |2011-11-18T14:04:32+00:00November 18th, 2011|Tech Watch, TV|

  If you own a TV, games console or network connected blu-ray player and you happen to have a PC or laptop floating around your home, chances are you have all the ingredients to watch videos stored on your PC’s and/or network storage. There is no need for any additional hardware – you do need to purchase any additional appliance or gadget to achieve this – assuming you have a well designed home network in the first place. For quite […]

Review: Philips 42PFL5604H 42″ LCD TV

By |2010-04-21T13:51:19+00:00April 21st, 2010|Reviews, TV|

The now end of life Philips 42PFL5604 represents the 42″ model of entry level 5000 series range. Despite it being Philips’ entry level 42″ LCD TV, it is still a Philips product; this means at around £650 it is not entry-level pricing, but then it certainly does not deliver entry-level performance. The 42PFL5604 is a compelling choice as an entry level Full-HD 42″ monitor. Large format, entry-level monitors are only capable of displaying screen resolutions of 1024×768, and carry a […]

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