TEA London have extensive experience with custom audio visual systems for commercial, retail and corporate settings. Ranging from system for reception and dealing floor digital signage and video walls to systems for conference rooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Our extensive product portolio allows us to offer commercial, corporate and retail customers the best of both worlds using enterprise class computers, displays, monitors, public address systems coupled with high quality domestic hi-fi and audio visual equipment. The combination of enterprise class and domestic audio visual equipment will allow us to design and install systems to meet most budgets, on-time and with a high quality end result without high incumbent expenses.

TEA London have installed systems into commercial and corporate settings ranging from meeting rooms, conference facilities, high-impact visual and audio boardrooms, digital signage in open plan offices for statistics monitoring, ticker systems and news feed delivery, retail/marketing settings in receptions, site-wide display systems and shop-front windows for advertising, information and marketing purposes.

Our design team will work closely with your marketing, IT and refurb contractors to design, develop, install, maintain and educate on the use of digital signage systems, coupled with an advanced audio system ensuring crystal clear sound, no matter what the sound application is – ranging from public address, ambient music, video/telephone conferencing, video feeds and more.
TEA London also have a number of IP-TV systems for the delivery of multiple video feeds throughout corporate networks, straight to the desktop computer.

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