Video wall causeway  Tea London’s Commercial audio visual design and installation services include the design of permanent video wall installations for those customers who require very large video screen installations for shop fronts, concourses, causeways, malls and outdoor spaces for the display of advertising, marketing, and general information, as well as the playback of a video media from all possible digital sources (live TV, DVD/Blu-Ray, media servers and internet/streaming video).

Video walls are also used in mission control’s, command centres and central monitoring stations.

Video walls can be installed in boardrooms for a more immersive video conference (or video presence) experience, allowing you to display video content from a multitude of different video sources, as well as all of your remote conference call delegates each on their own individual screen.Command centre video wall

Video walls typically start at 4 screens, arranged in a 2 x 2 (two screens high, two screens wide), but can be configured in any grid pattern, and also in a scattered ‘array’ of screens.

Video walls can be configured to display as a large video display, displaying one large image, or the video wall grid can be configured to display a number of video sources simultaneously.

Video Wall featureVideo walls can be integrated to function as part of our digital signage systems, allowing you to manage content schedules and perform diagnostics on video wall installations from a central, remote location.

We have a wide range of ‘off-the-shelf’ mounting systems to support a wide range installation scenarios, ranging from ceiling mounts, to free-standing floor mounts, to trolleys allowing you to move your video walls around your premises.

Tea London prefer and recommend Panasonic displays, but also supply and install displays from Philips, NEC, Samsung and LG.