Control4 installed in your home from £1150

Please complete our form below for an initial consultation on the suitability of Control4 for your home. Tea London’s ‘Control4 in you home from a cost of £1150’ offer has certain terms and conditions. Please do read these terms conditions below, they contain important information of the offer.

The offer is for a Control4 EA-1 and Control4 SR-260 remote control to be installed in your home, and no more than 0.5 man days (4 hours) of combined installation, configuration and programming time.

A complimentary, compulsory initial consultation is performed in advance of an installation. We will discuss integration and automation within the context of your home’s current and future systems. The consultation aims to set mutually tasks and outcomes of the installation. This consultation will also discuss possible future automation and integrated control upgrades outside of the scope of this offer. Control4 is a hugely capable automation system that can be configured and programmed a number different ways, with the only real restrictions being a lack imagination and the financial commitment of the customer. Because of this Tea London has to clearly define definite outcomes and apply realistic time limits on the installation under this offer.

This offer is not a written undertaking or commitment by Tea London Limited and/or Control4 Incorporated to supply any goods and installation services. The compulsory initial consultation may reveal the need for a site survey, for which there may be a discretionary charge. This offer is limited to a 10 mile radius from our South-East London base; Tea London will supply and install outside of this radius, however this may incur additional charges to cover transport, including congestion charges, toll fees, parking and mileage. Any additional charges will always be discussed with you first, and will require your prior approval before these costs are incurred.

A ‘no-show’ by the customer for any appointments set, and mutually agreed to, will incur a missed appointment charge; this charge has to be settled before Tea London will attend any further appointments. All prices advertised are inclusive of UK VAT (@20%). All payments are due upfront, Tea London Limited does not offer any credit or terms for new sales or projects.