Woah.. how time files! Cannot seriously believe it’s the end of the month. Bunny me has been busy doing this and that and all I can say is that there are exciting things brewing in the camp TEA London.. so, as they say, watch this space!

On the audio visual front, besides starting to speak Danish from watching too much of Forbrydelsen (which means The Crime) aka The Killings, this bunny has developed an obsession with Tindersticks’ new album – ‘The something rain’. Beautiful, melancholy and the best contemporary lyrics since poor Amy Winehouse. Seriously think an Ivor Novello is due.

And the other thing I’m excited about :) :

Lord of the Rings audio cassette tapes!!! O Yes!! Totally excited…and I have recently found an old tape recorder which naturally is able to play cassettes!! Ooh I am going to be so happy – so bring on rain and thunderstorm, who needs to go out anyway!

And that brings us to the end of this month’s little update on Bunnyland. And before I lost myself again to the sound of Tindersticks, I’ll like to wish my nan a Happy Diamond Jubilee. See you by the yacht!


Disclaimer: The views of Bunny Ears is not necessarily that of TEA London’s; or that of anyone else’s for that matter.