Shop Window Display – Summer Summer 2012 (its raining again)

By |2012-07-10T22:34:13+00:00July 10th, 2012|General Rants & Observations, Shop Window Displays|

James has once again created a lovely shop window display. Yes it is summer, yes it is England, and yes the hosepipe ban is officially over because of the tons and tons of rain we have been having – but still a summer theme is definitely in order. We have a very small selection of 2nd hand, pre-loved, vintage or recycled speakers (pick which ever term applies), flanked by a ripped parachute creation made by James. I also love the […]

The Whitehouse

By |2012-07-04T23:07:44+00:00July 4th, 2012|General Rants & Observations|

Well ever since we have moved into our Anerley Road shop we have witnessed the gradual transformation of an apartment block that is but a few feet away from our front door. It is called the Whitehouse, and yes folks, it’s exterior is indeed white in colour. We were invited by David to take a look around and we thought we should share some pictures of this lovely development that is literally on our doorstep. To be succinct  – finish […]

Record Store Day – Saturday 21 April 2012

By |2012-04-09T16:50:45+00:00April 9th, 2012|General Rants & Observations|

Tea London love records. We really love records. Although we are not a record store, we do sell the various bits and pieces that will let you play the best music format ever, the record, the LP, vinyl albums. We will be organising our own small event for Record Shop Day on 21 April 2012. On 21 April from 11am to 7pm Tea London will host an open day, celebrating the best recorded medium ever: the record. Records have clarity, […]

Technology that changed your life

By |2012-02-15T19:52:11+00:00February 15th, 2012|General Rants & Observations|

  Elton Francis, senior AV engineer at Tea London, has compiled together some snippets from other technical articles on technology that  definitely changed the way we live and tackle day-to-day tasks and activities. These are the sorts technologies that are hard to do without once you start using them. Technology that changed you forever I’m sure many of us have left our phone at home or worst, lost one. I don’t know about you, but this creates mixed feelings within […]

Tech that changed your life part 2

By |2012-02-15T19:51:00+00:00February 15th, 2012|General Rants & Observations|

The Sony Walkman Without the original Walkman there would probably be no Apple iPod. Sony engineer, Nobutoshi Kihara, made it a personal mission to design the Walkman so he could listen to operas during long plane journeys and change the soundtrack of the high street. The first Walkman played analogue cassette tapes but the idea was successfully transplanted into newer audio formats including CDs, MiniDisc and MP3s. You can see the Walkman’s DNA in pretty much every portable music device. […]

New Shop Front Feb 2012: Jubilee! Jubilee!

By |2012-02-07T20:51:36+00:00February 7th, 2012|Shop Window Displays|

February 2012: A royal theme Once again our designer in residence James Hock dedicated considerable time into creating our second window display for 2012. It is a decidedly royal theme, quite appropriate as this week marked the start of Her Majesty’s 60th Jubilee. I hope you are all amused by this. With special thanks to James Hock for the Window Display and Niusia Winczewski for taking the photos.

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