Tea London love records. We really love records.

Although we are not a record store, we do sell the various bits and pieces that will let you play the best music format ever, the record, the LP, vinyl albums. We will be organising our own small event for Record Shop Day on 21 April 2012.

On 21 April from 11am to 7pm Tea London will host an open day, celebrating the best recorded medium ever: the record. Records have clarity, depth and quality that no digital music medium could ever match. For those of you who have never heard a record or maybe if you want to reacquainted with records might have forgotten, should definitely come along and pay us a quick visit on the day.

We will be playing records all day interspersed with some live music. We will be also be showcasing a selection of Pro-Ject Audio turntables and which we invite to audition so you can hear how they really are.

A small selection of local independent traders will also be there selling vintage items, art, curios and local produce, plus there will be good quality hot food off the barbecue, salads and drinks will be on sale for at a very reasonable price.

Please come along for a great day of experiencing the joy of recorded music, played the best way it can be.