This last Saturday at TEA London hosted WE HEART RECORDS – which was Tea London’s contribution to Record Store Day 2012. It was indeed fun and the weather was surprisingly BRILLIANT!

So the BBQ went on til sundown and everyone was pretty merry (hey it was £1 a beer ok 🙂 )

But besides that, I really do love the DIY space..(lo-fi for hi-fi!!!)

The vintage stall was cute plastic brooch heaven (I had to get the big animal brooch), and the art, I love Jarrod Sanderson‘s video in the toilet (I know, crazy but it works) and had to really stop myself from buying one of Robin Spalding‘s skull though I have promised myself that I will get one :).

As the record players, ooh as a record buying person, I think the 4 Pro-Jects are brilliant. I particularly like the entry level Pro-Ject Debut, not because I’m cheap nor because it is the cheapest (though for less that than £200, I think it is super) but I genuinely genuinely like its very simple design. Very clean and basic especially the white one that was there.

It kinda reminds me of the white portable Vestax record player that was super hip errr… almost 10 years ago (if you don’t know about it then I’m sorry, you weren’t cool enough then), but of course the Pro-Ject is a thousand times better than that toy. But, if you are seriously consider buying a record player, I think you better talk to Tim – hey, what do I know, I am superficial after all… 🙂


Disclaimer: The views of Bunny Ears is not necessarily that of TEA London’s; or that of anyone else’s for that matter.