Well well well…it’s been a while. Things have been a little crazy in the bunny world… and bunnies do have to work hard to make sure that they have food in the winter (or is that the squirrel?). But fret not, now that a multi-million pounds deal has been signed (ahem), Bunny Ears and its Superficial View(s) will be gracing the pages of TEA London on a more regular basis. So, be afraid, be very afraid.

Impressed / Not Impressed

First of all, Congratulations! TEA London- for a very nice window. The bunny is well impressed. For those who has not been to the HQ, TEA London is slowly transforming the ground floor into a people friendly area. And so far, it boast a beautiful window display- a quilt banner especially commissioned from the designer James Hock and lettering by Christine Francis. A very simple idea and a perfect contrast between what’s formal and regal, and what’s playful and fun. Oh and that cut out TV playing old British Pathe, nice touch :).

Now, on the ‘Not Impressed’ side, well, unfortunately it has to be The Horrors gig at the Roundhouse last month. It was yawn yawn boring.

The last Horrors’ album-Primary Colours, was amazing and the bunny totally totally dig it. But the new album, sadly lacks everything. It sounds so generic that it could be by any band with a PR machine good enough to get them on the radio (sad but true). Anyway, back to the gig, yes it was flat. Promising start but just went no where. Half way through the set I almost felt like I’m in a pub listening to a Joy Division tribute band. Oh and left before the last song. Nice venue though.

Did I say I like TEA London’s window? (This is not because of my multi million pounds contract).


Disclaimer: The views of Bunny Ears is not necessarily that of TEA London’s; or that of anyone else’s for that matter.