As a keen convert, eager to put the vagaries of Windows Vista behind me as soon as possible, I leapt feet first into the Windows 7 world, and had no hesitation in making it our standard OS for all our custom build Media Center PC’s, RED.

However we have notice some decoding issues with 64-Bit versions of Windows 7. Live TV is prone to artefacting, recordings jam, the odd reboot occurs under intensive tuner use, and H.264 decodes from Satellite broadcasts is atrocious.

We have done all of the troubleshooting we can think of with this problem; different machines, latest drivers, removal of codecs, installation of codecs, fine tuning of codecs, broadcast signal quality assessments, different PC hardware builds, different combinations of use and tuner types, and so on. Admittedly some of these steps did make some improvement to the problem, but we know the root cause is still lurking around.

We generally install a Terratec dual DVB-T tuner card as a standard. We have great experiences with their Cinergy 2400dti card, and its PCI-E bus connector makes it ideally suited for our RED Junior units. We have had flawless performance with its live TV playback, recording, applying all possible dualities during recording and live playback. The recordings are clear, well compressed and faultless despite that our systems act as a media servers as well as media centres.

We can automatically assume that this might be a driver compatibility issue with Windows 7, and maybe even a rogue codec of sorts, but none of these same problems occurred, and I really hate to say it, in Windows Vista.

This is thus far our first negative observation about Windows 7; it may not be the OS’s fault, it could very well be a hardware issue, or poorly written driver, or some 3rd party software, but fact remains it has and does work with that one key different, the OS is different.

We are going to try one last thing before resorting to taking these issues up with Terratec. We will report back on our progress with this matter.


Issues were down to Terratec and their drivers. It was fixed after a long time. We have found Hauppauge is much better for Windows MCE use.


If anybody else has a similar experience, please do drop us line from our contact us page: